The village Alunis is considered to be the main source for furniture manufacturing along the river Târnava Mare. In the heart of Transylvania where the processing of wood as natural raw material and the manufacturing of objects for use have their traditions for centuries. Experiences and professional skills inherited from our ancestors help us create a confortable and pleasant feeling in our homes which would be impossible without our furniture.

Barbor S.R.L. (LTD) was founded in the year 1995 in Aluniş. Our main activity is the furniture manufacturing out of solid wood. The majority of our products are manufactured based on orders, furniture and furniture elements manufactured in series or based on individual orderss.

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In our world it is very important to ensure our customers the level of satisfaction they expected when buying our products so that they return to us with further orders.

The majority of our partners are foreign customers and we aim to develop our production for the internal market, as well.

Our professional experience of 15 years is used for manufacturing our products helping us to satisfy the needs of customers from Germany and other countries both in manufacturing and in surface treatment and packaging. .